Discover the importance and effectiveness of engaging the Hispanic community through Spanish Broadcasting System

Invest in minority-owned businesses for a greater return

Join our President & COO, Albert Rodriguez, at our headquarters, where he’ll discuss the power of SBS and why advertisers need to invest in minority-owned businesses now more than ever.

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Minority-owned businesses are not a trend.

They are essential for your growth

An investment in SBS equals an investment in all Hispanics

Hispanics represent one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the nation and by 2025, they will account for 28% of the total U.S. population and 12% of all U.S. buying power.*

SBS reaches over 25 million Hispanics each week across all of its multimedia properties. Not only do we effectively and efficiently engage them through our vehicles, we create content and experiences that culturally resonates with Latinos of all backgrounds.

SOURCE: US Census, 2018


Equal Opportunity & Representation

Over 50% of SBS’s ownership identifies as Latino/a, 100% of our executive team is Latino/a and over 80% of our workforce is comprised of Latinos of different backgrounds.

All SBS campaigns are created, developed and executed by talented individuals who know and understand how to effectively engage the Hispanic community.


Culturally Authentic & Engaging

Overall, three quarters of Hispanic adults speak Spanish at home, despite more than 54% being born in the U.S. When Latinos connect with each other, with brands or with content in Spanish, they do so by choice, making a meaningful and purposeful connection. Latino collective buying power rose by nearly 90% between 2010 and 2020, and is currently estimated at almost $3 trillion.

SBS’s programming, content and experiences are staples in top Hispanic markets. Our audience purposefully seeks out our brands because it ignites an instant cultural connection.


Loyalty, Retention & Return

The brands that recognize the increasing influence of this community will be poised to benefit from the Latino community’s loyalty and immense purchasing power. An investment with SBS is a direct investment in all Hispanics.

SOURCE: Hispanic buying power rising in US, bolstering consumer sectors, Emarketer, December 2021

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